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05 Nov 2020 (Last updated 24 Sep 2023)

The sexual wellness gift guide

Vibrator Guide 7 min read
Smile Makers Author
The sexual wellness gift guide

We may have all grown up, but we're back to adding toys to our wish lists. Except, these are more fun. Vibrators are the gift that keeps on giving; a new take on gift experiences, the kind that can be done from home. Shop by the recipient to find the best vibrator gift, and discover other sex-positive ideas for birthdays, Valentine's, or just a little treat.

For connoisseurs.

the poet suction toy by smile makers

We all know a pleasure pioneer; that one friend who radiates sex positivity and is always up-to-date with the latest innovations or ideas. These expert judges in matters of sensual taste love talking about all things sex, so why not surprise them by taking the words out of their mouth… with three interchangeable mouths. This suction toy is like no other clit sucker on the market, and is designed to be personalised. Partnered up with a pioneer? Think passionate kiss wrapped up in a box. This is bound to elevate both your pleasure in the bedroom.

Like a passionate kiss wrapped up in a box, this is bound to elevate pleasure both solo and partnered. The Poet is the wow gift that will have them writing sensual poetry with themselves and a thank you note to you for the

For hedonists.

the ballerina vulva toy by smile makers

A truly feel-good gift for a warm, fuzzy feeling. If you know someone in need a good pamper session, this vibrator beats any spa voucher you could gift. It's all about luxury, from the soft-firm human touch texture to full-on all over vulva stimulation. This innovative vibrator envelopes the clitoral glans, vaginal opening and labia for combined stimulation that creates a really unique sensual experience from the usual focused stimulation you get from other external vibrators. The Ballerina feels like a cupping of a human hand – so, it’s basically a massage!

For self-lovers.

the romantic vaginal toy by smile makers

For the friend who has their self-love routine down, and knows how to treat themselves to a romantic night-in. Talking of staying inside, this internal vibrator is designed to cover all vaginal pleasure spots; the ridged sides stimulate the lower third of the vagina where 90% of the nerve endings are, whilst the wider head hits deeper notes of pleasure around the fornix, near the cervix, which stretches when stimulated. 30% of vulva owners can reach orgasm through penetration, The Romantic helps with those inner sensations to fulfil your friend’s self-loving potential.

For fun seekers.

the firefighter clit toy by smile makers

Playful, bright and cheery this unique clit vibrator will definitely keep the smiles coming way beyond Christmas morning. Move over best friend bracelets, gift your bestie some sexual pleasure instead! This one will ignite conversations with the recipient, as it's flame-shape is a fun talking point. Just reassure them that its design is all about getting hot and flustered with both the clitoris and labia.

The vibrations rise from the flame for extended stimulation and can even deliver multiple-orgasms by using the ‘grounding’ masturbation technique – after the first orgasm, pressing the flame against the vulva to invite the sensation to roll over into the next orgasm. A surprise gift within a gift.

For couple-play.

the french lover tongue toy by smile makers

Fancy a weekend away with your partner? Dream up a budget-friendly sensual escape with a vibrator that will get them in the mood to explore. A treat for you and them, The French Lover is a tour guide for your bodies. Discover new landmarks of pleasure in the form of erogenous zones that excite you both. A lover of oral sex, the tongue-like tip mimics kisses wherever the recipient may want them – just add a lube stocking filler for extra authentic feels. Go on, add a little va va vroom to both your bedtimes.

For first-timers.

the billionaire sex toy by smile makers

Better than opening a savings account for your younger friend or sister, The Billionaire will teach them how to bank on their pleasure. This internal vibrator is great for first-timers, a gentle massage tool to upgrade their self-love routine, or fund it. As a smooth and elegant introductory toy, it may help remind your friend to not fake orgasms – allowing them to discover their own self-pleasure or show their lover how they really like it.

For fitness lovers.

the tennis pro sex toy by smile makers

Forget the January health kick, inspire a sex kick instead. Gifting your friend a new workout buddy will boost their wellbeing in ways they may never have considered before. If they are health conscious, remind them that masturbation can boost their mood, improve sleep and help relieve stress. The Tennis Pro vibrator will kick their self-love routine into shape, with both external and internal pleasure targets. Kind of like gifting lessons, with the aim to get the right angles on the g-spot. Build up a sweat.

For secret santa.

the surfer sex toy by smile makers

A budget-friendly bullet vibrator that is powerful enough to be unforgettable. Secret Santa with colleagues or friends may look a little different this year, so why not up the surprise stakes with some sexual pleasure to really make the recipient smile. 70% of vulva owners need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, so this gift is a guaranteed to make waves! The compact size means this vibe can be taken anywhere discreetly, so could make a good travel companion.

More sexual gift ideas.

Not feeling a vibrator gift? Or, like the idea of a sexual wellness that accentuates their sensuality? You could make it a whole nightstand makeover that is worthy of an Instagram brag. Here are some ideas;

Pleasure gift sets.

Looking for more of an orgasmic hamper to really treat your friends? Try an intimate bundle set curated for whatever sensual experience you’d like to gift. Encourage some erotic exploration with a reminder to think about both internal and external pleasure, or think outside the box with some erogenous play.

Gift cards.

Sometimes we want to help kickstart our friends vibrator journey, or fuel the sexual wellness fire they have already ignited; but, we're unsure what vibe to pick. Enter the Smile Makers' Gift Card. This option will ensure the recipient assigns some time to think about their sexual pleasure, and order their own vibrator! We'll email you the car, so you can pass it on when ready.


Our sex-positive reading lists are getting very long. Non-fiction books about sex help us learn - and empower us - but remember, we can inspire pleasure thinking in fiction too. There are so many authors rewriting how sex is depicted in stories, the stronger female narrative, the better!

Tote bag.

Bring sexual wellness into their everyday with a Self Love Club bag that brings sex positive vibes along with them whereever they go, literally and metaphorically! They can use it to store their vibrators, or carry their on-the-move essentials - it's a tote that will definitely start a conversation, too!


Skincare for vulvas, but make it chic. Generous Gel vegan-friendly lube looks and feels luxurious, and is made from the purest formula to ensure it is body-safe.

Vibrator storage.

Some times the best gifts are the most practical. We have a feeling that a zip-up pouch to store all their vibrators and other sex goodies will come in very handy.

Pleaure gifting tip: to make sure your recipient can find some holiday sexual pleasure, add some batteries to the present wrapping. This way, they can get straight on the buzz.

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