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14 Mar 2024 (Last updated 14 Mar 2024)

Sleep and masturbation: a community survey.

Sexual Journey 1 min read
Sleep and masturbation: a community survey.

 We love to talk about masturbation, and so does our community. In one survey about how we masturbate we realized that we might be snoozing on sleep and pleasure. Whilst there is still a lot of research to be done on the science behind masturbation's effects on sleep, it's hard to deny that for many of us self-pleasure is a part of bedtime routine.

Does masturbating help us sleep?

It's well-known that one of the many benefits of pleasure is better sleep, whether it's the neurochemicals released during orgasm or a placebo effect, the relaxation of it all can prepare our mind and body for a restful night.

So, we asked 780 people to share how they use masturbation to sleep and how they incorporate it into their nighttime routine. Scroll for everything we found out in a savable, shareable infographic - you're welcome!

Does masturbation make everyone sleepy?

No! It's important to remember that our bodies all react differently to things. For some, masturbation might make us feel more alert with the blood pumping around our nervous system. A session with our vibrator may make us feel way more buzzed *wink wink*. The key takeaway from the conversation around masturbation and sleep is that we can and should value it as part of our wellness routine. Seeking pleasure can have us feeling good and relaxed, if that leads to catching quality zzzs - even better!

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