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17 Dec 2020 (Last updated 24 Sep 2023)

9 ways we’re taking charge of our sexual pleasure

Vibrator Guide 3 min read
9 ways we’re taking charge of our sexual pleasure

In a year where stress levels have been high, many of us more so than ever have turned to self-love and consequently we’ve all given our sexual wellbeing a bit of TLC and attention! But, what did that look like? What, who and how did we find pleasure in 2020?

Sourced from our Smile Makers how to choose vibrator quiz where more than 164,000 of you discovered your personal sexual pleasure recommendations, the anonymous results are in! Here’s the top 9 things that you taught us this year...

You Are Not Alone In Masturbating...

We’ve created a safe-space for you, our sex-positive community, to come and champion your self-pleasure. Of those quizzers that were buying for themselves, 89% already masturbated. You are all breaking the stigma around female self-pleasure and speaking up to show that we’re not alone; charging the empowerment of vulva-owners. It’s so exciting to see how we are all inspiring curiosity and interest in masturbation together!

You Are Owning Your Sexuality!

One thing is for sure, our quiz confirms that women are taking charge of their pleasure! 83% of vulva owners were buying a vibrator for me, myself and I – the epitome of self-love. You are taking your orgasms into your own hands, supporting your needs and fulfilling your own desires – yaaaas!

You’re Proudly Vi-Curious...

A majority of you didn’t own a vibrator when taking the quiz, which is EXACTLY why we designed the tool in the first place. We know that it can be super overwhelming to see lots of sex toys out there but never really be guided or told what they do; the old adage ‘knowledge is power’ stands true, with knowledge comes confidence and understanding to try something new!

The Most Popular Way To Masturbate Is...

Applying intense pressure on or around the clitoris. Your least popular way? Penetration alone. As if we needed any more evidence that pop culture needs to be more clit inclusive, and our sex education less penetrative focused. The results from our quiz make certain that a majority of women prefer external stimulation!

When It Does Come To Penetration, It Feels Best When...

There’s strong and deep in-and-out movement. More interestingly, focused internal finger stimulation and gentle in-and-out movements were on par with each other, perhaps a sign of how much we love our g-area – the infamous g-spot, or what we like to call our special spot. It’s a pretty unique sensation for us all, so being focused and slow means we can really get to discover and test the sensations.

You’ve Got To Know Your Outer Self...

At first, many of you come to Smile Makers expecting to buy a penetrative product; the bestseller on our website before we launched the quiz was always an internal vibrator. Now, the most popular choice is an external product! Giving you the opportunity to think about what you like significantly changes what vibrator you pick.

You Want To Share And Discover Together...

    One in ten of you came to Smile Makers looking for something for both you and your partner! Some of you may have been introducing vibrators into couple sex, as they are a great tool for getting to know each other's bodies and pleasure preferences. In a year of distance, mutual masturbation could have been key in getting off whilst in a long-distance relationship or sexting outside our bubbles.

    What You Enjoy The Most With Your Partners Is...

    Finger stimulation and focused pressure over the clitoris and labia! There’s lots of playfulness with couple sex, as you love exploring erogenous zones just as much as you do oral sex. This makes our hearts buzz with excitement as mapping our entire bodies for sexual pleasure isn’t something always seen in mainstream media – but you’re proving to everyone that us vulva owners do it, and love it!

    These Insights Explain Why Couples Want A Vibrator That ....

    Focuses on clitoral stimulation the most. As vulva owners, we know that an increase in clit attention means an increased chance in reaching orgasm – that's a surefire way to close the pleasure gap! If you’re partner has a penis, using a clit vibrator can help bring a bit more balance to you both reaching climax during intercourse.


    For sexual wellness content that inspires even more pleasure in your life, follow @SmileMakersCollection - or check out our colorful collection of different types of vibrators for beginners and beyond.
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