The Fellow Bridesmaid – The Erotic Story Of A Sensual Massage

The erotic story of a woman-to-woman sensual massage

The erotic story of a woman-to-woman sensual massage

In this feminine erotic story, Allyssa and Mary take a deliciously relaxing break from their friend’s wedding…

Allyssa watched her best friend exchange wedding vows. It was a beautiful ceremony; the best destination wedding Allyssa had ever attended. It was amazing being a part of something so beautiful and in a tropical paradise, no less. Wedding over, Allyssa kicked off her shoes and strolled down the beautiful beach. She heard someone behind her, so she turned and saw that it was Mary, a fellow bridesmaid as Allyssa. Allyssa had met the girl just a week ago when the bridesmaids had arrived at the resort for the wedding.

“This place is so beautiful,” Mary said, smiling as she lifted her face to the setting sun.

“I could move here,” Allyssa responded, “and I wouldn’t even miss my old life.”

They walked in silence for a while.

“I’ve been on my feet all day,” Allyssa said. “I should go down to the spa for a massage.”

“Why spend money at the spa when I can give you a massage just as good?”

Allyssa didn’t protest when Mary took her hand and led her up to the hotel. They walked up to Mary’s room and Allyssa walked into the room ahead of Mary.

“Get out of your dress and get on the bed,” Mary commanded with a smile. “I’ll bring out my baby oil.”

Allyssa slipped out of her dress, leaving on her matching bra and panties. She got on the bed and lay on her stomach. She smiled up at Mary when the later returned with a bottle of oil and set it on the nightstand beside the bed. Mary unsnapped Allyssa’s bra, “So the oil doesn’t soak it,” she explained.

Allyssa sighed in relief when Mary poured the oil on her back and massaged her with deft fingers. Mary found points that needed relief.

Her oiled hands moved from Allyssa’s neck down to her waist and back to her neck again.

“Do you like it?” Mary asked.

Allyssa moaned in response, bringing a smile to Mary’s face. It was then Mary slipped her hand under Allyssa’s body and found her nipples. She rolled the bud between thumb and forefinger, and when Allyssa didn’t object, Mary’s other hand did the same thing to Allyssa’s other nipple.

Allyssa rolled over, her eyes on Mary’s smiling face. Mary took this to mean that Allyssa was giving her more access, so she continued kneaded Allyssa’s breast and tweaking Allyssa’s nipples.

“You have the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen,” Mary said.

Allyssa’s eyes were hooded and her mouth was half-open. She had never been touched so intimately by a woman.

The surprising thing was that she loved it when Mary bent her head and suckled her, that she yearned for the other woman to take her hand lower and stroke her throbbing core.

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Allyssa reached out and freed Mary’s breasts from her strapless dress. It was only fair that she returned the pleasure the other woman was giving her. Mary’s dress came of totally with the speed of light and she was on the bed with Allyssa before Allyssa could blink. Allyssa surrendered to Mary’s mouth. The kiss was hot, wet and intoxicating.

Allyssa gasped when Mary’s mouth found her nipples, but she recovered just enough to kneed Mary’s soft breasts.

Their mouths were still fused together when Mary slipped off Allyssa’s panties and stroked the little nub at Allyssa’s core. Mary bent her head between Allyssa’s legs and sucked on her clit hungrily. Allyssa grabbed the sheets and cried out in pleasure. Tiny jolts of electricity shot through her body as Mary’s fingers stroked her and her tongue ravaged her.

Mary sat up after Allyssa’s climax waned.

“Did you like the massage,” Mary asked a still shaken Allyssa.

“Yes, very much,” Allyssa said, rolling Mary’s panties down her legs. She slipped three fingers into Mary’s wetness and smiled when Mary’s walls clamped down on her fingers in welcome.
“Now it’s your turn,” Allyssa said.


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