The Business Trip – A Women’s Erotica Story

Or the art of taking a sensual break

Or the art of taking a sensual break

In this women’s erotica short tale, Olivia’s business trip takes an interesting turn when her encounter with two gentlemen puts her at the center of their sensual attention. 

I didn’t care how we’d gotten there, or why, or what I had done to convince these two beautiful men into my hotel room – all that mattered was that they were here, and they were mine, all mine, for the rest of the night.

I had seen them at the bar, one with dark hair, shorter and stockier, the other blonde and blue-eyed with broad shoulders that tapered down to a slim waist. And they were both smiling at me. Two drinks in and bored by myself at a work conference, I figured there was no harm in just going over to talk to them.

And now we were here – all three of us, in my hotel room, their hands on me like they couldn’t get enough.

Jason, the blond man, had kissed me as soon as the door was closed behind us, while his companion Thom had slowly unzipped the back of my dress; the feeling of his fingers tracing over my skin while Jason slipped his tongue into my mouth was almost more than I could take, and I let out a shuddering moan, not sure who I craved more. Thom slowly peeled the dress from my body, letting it fall away and tangle in my heels.

Jason guided me towards the bed, his strong grip telling me where I needed to go, and he laid me down softly on top of the sheets; I gazed into his eyes, and then Thom’s, and then back again, still not quite believing that both of them seemed satisfied with me.

As Jason dipped his mouth down to my neck, I felt Thom slide between my legs, his lips tracing a line up the inside of my thigh and to…oh.

I groaned, reaching for both of them, holding them close. They were both so strong, so powerful, and all of that was focused on me.

They tasted me like I was honey, their mouths moving all over my body, both of them switching places so that they could taste from between my legs. Thom bared his teeth against my nipples, flicking his grey-eyed gaze up to me briefly as he did so, and the start of pain was so intense it mellowed swiftly into pleasure. I could already feel myself getting close; it was never normally this fast for me, but I supposed, with double the attention, double the passion, maybe things were different. I gasped when the first orgasm moved through me, and Thom, between my legs, held me tight and close, sinking his fingers into my thighs and keeping me down to Earth.

Jason was the first to move inside of me; I craved it, begged him for it, and he slid beneath me and pushed himself up to fill me in one swift motion. Thom was behind me, his hands on my hips, guiding me up and down, side to side. I was helpless to them, and yet, I knew I was the one calling the shots here.

They just wanted to see the pleasure in my eyes, written all over my face, and I was more than happy to give it to them.

I tipped my head back and Thom brushed his lips over my throat. Pressing my hands to Jason’s strong chest for leverage, I moved harder, a little faster, finding a beat that seemed to suit all three of us.

When the next orgasm came, it felt like power – like energy, moving through my body, pulsing through my veins and reminding me that this night was mine, all mine. I cried out, not caring who heard, and dug my nails into Jason’s chest. Moments later, I felt him reach his own release inside of me. But I was so far from done with them yet.

I took Thom next, letting him move into me from behind while Jason kissed me like his life depended on it and moved his fingers over my unattended pleasure points. The pleasure was beginning to flow through me like it was never going to end, too much for me to bear and at the same time not nearly enough.

They seemed obsessed with me, addicted, as though they would never get enough, could never imagine anything close to getting enough. I was the only thing they could use to soothe the fire burning bright inside of them.

What had to be a few hours later, we all collapsed on to the bed, panting – my body was exhausted from the pleasure, but my mind was still wide awake. Both of them had found their own releases a few times each, but I didn’t have to deal with such roadblocks.

“What now?” Thom murmured, trailing his fingers over my belly. I closed my eyes and smiled.

“More,” I replied. And I wound my fingers around his and guided them down between my legs once more.


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