Do As I Say – An Erotic Story Of Female Empowerment

Power Play Erotica For Women

Power Play Erotica For Women

In this free erotic story, Chloe decides to explore one of her longstanding fantasy that she had never dared enacting: getting in the driver seat as a sensual dom, and feeling the thrill of total control.

She curled her fingers around the cuffs, feeling the bite of the cool metal against her hand. She was ready for this. So ready.

This had been coming for such a long time. For as long as she could remember, she had thought about this, thought about giving herself over to the thrill of this kind of passion. And she had known, as soon as she’d met Damon, that this was the man she could explore it with.

For so long, she had just submitted to what men had wanted. She didn’t hate it, but it didn’t stir anything in her the way her fantasies did, the way those thoughts of being the one in control drove her crazy. But Damon had been different. He had always been deferent to her, in the best possible way – pulling out her chair for her, cleaning her house when she was out, offering to take care of this little task and that one. And now, they were taking it to the next level. At her request.

He had been eager when she’d told him what she wanted – she had a couple of glasses of wine, things got frisky, and she came out with it. All the fantasies, all the places her brain had strayed to that she had never let herself delve too far into, for fear that she would never find someone to explore it with her.

But now, he was waiting for her inside that bedroom, and she was ready to take this further. She pushed open the door, and found him, bare-ass naked, sitting on the edge of the bed. She couldn’t help but giggle to herself excitedly at the sight of him waiting for her. All this time, and she was finally letting it happen. She was so ready to see where it took her next.

She quickly composed herself, and found it easier than she had thought to slip into the role of the dominant one. She had been waiting a long time for this, and now she was finally ready.

“Put your hands behind your back,” she ordered him, and she was surprised by how certain her voice sounded. She had thought that it would be hard to take herself seriously, but here she was, sliding into the role like it had been made for her. Damon slipped his hands behind his back, and she watched as he stirred at her words. It was dizzying, having this much control over him. And she had hardly even gotten started.

She clipped the cuffs – purchased on a gag a long time ago, before she’d ever thought she’d have the chance to use them – around his wrists, binding them behind his back. He looked up at her, his deep brown eyes shining against his olive skin, his dark hair smooth and just begging to be messed up.

The power was already pulsing through her, and she could feel it translating down, between her legs, the passion oozing between her thighs – she needed some relief. And for once, she could just take it, take what she wanted from him.

But she wanted to make him wait first. She wanted him helpless in his desire. She pulled the chair that usually sat at her dressing table around so she could look at him, and parted her legs, baring herself to him.

His eyes traced down her body and she could tell he was desperately keen for her. She traced her fingertips up and over her thighs, teasing up her legs, letting him know that she could have anything she wanted – but he was going to have to wait.

She grazed her fingers over her bareness, and felt her slickness, already soaking her. She guided a finger inside of herself, and tipped her head back to let out a moan, allowing the sound to race around them. He growled with want for her, but this was all about her, her control, her power – what she wanted, first and foremost. And she wanted to make herself come while he watched, unable to so much as lay a hand on her.

She stroked her sensitive nub as she guided her fingers deeper into her, and she began to rock her hips back and forth against her hand. Had she always felt this good? Or was it the swelling rush of his eyes on her that made it this sexy? Her skin was prickling, top to bottom, and she felt like she was on fire. She was absorbing all his lust for her and making it hers, turning it into something that only she could hold on to.

When she opened her eyes once more, she could see the visible strain written all over his body – his muscles clenched, his jaw right, his eyes glazed – and she couldn’t get enough of it.

She put on a show for him, soaking up the desire that was coming off in him waves and using it selfishly to channel into everything that she wanted. She played with herself languidly, letting the pleasure build slowly and surely between her legs, watching as he silently begged her to let her lay hands on him. She was getting close, to the kind of orgasm she had never had before – something profound and powerful, something that stemmed from everything he was holding back and everything she was taking from him.

She pulled back just before she reached the edge – she wanted to make this bigger, better than anything she had ever felt before. Besides, she could tell that Damon was on the brink of bursting. She wanted to take advantage of the lust she had built up in him already, take it and make it hers.

She straddled him swiftly, rolling up the hem of the dark dress she had worn for the occasion – she had a pair of impressive heels on to match, the kind that made her feel like a swooning badass no matter what else she had on. She had forgone panties, knowing she wasn’t going to be able to wait the time it took to get them off. She wound her arms around him, and she looked down into his eyes, at the straining desire he had to reach out and touch her, the desire that he was unable to fulfil. And, with that, she slowly lowered herself down on top of him.

“Fuck,” he groaned, and she brushed her fingers over his lips.

“Quiet,” she ordered him, and he silenced himself at once. Just her touch, just her word was powerful enough to control him.

The feeling of him moving inside her had always been gorgeous but this was something else entirely. The power was pulsing through her, taking control as she began to move against him. She groaned and tipped her head back, letting the sensation roll up through her as she sank her fingers into his shoulders. She wanted to leave marks. She wanted him reminded of what he had let her do, of the power she had exerted over him.

She moved on top of him like it was the only thing that mattered to her, and she revelled in the enormous power that she was holding over his head – when he looked up at her, his eyes were glazed, his lips slightly parted, because he knew he couldn’t have her the way he wanted. He could only have her the way she wanted, and she never wanted him to forget that.

Tipping her head back, she let out a long moan. She knew he loved listening to her cry out in pleasure, and that it must be driving him crazy.

“Don’t come until I do,” she commanded him, her voice breathy and tense with need. His jaw clenched, and she knew he was close. Lucky for her, so was she…

When she came, it seemed to roll through her like a thunderclap. Her body rocked on top of his, and she trembled against him. But her power was still in place. He was still waiting for her permission to find his own release, even as she lost herself completely to pleasure. When she came back to her body, he was gazing up at her, his eyes clouded with need. He was desperate. And, tempting as it was to make him wait longer, she had far more in store for him tonight. She leaned towards him, and planted a soft, seductive kiss on his lips. Leaning over to graze her mouth over his ear, she whispered the word she knew he was longing to hear.



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