Party Of Four – An Erotic Story Of Friends Reunion

A real fantasy turned into a short story

A real fantasy turned into a short story

Joining her friends after another successful performance of her musical, Gina finds herself in the sexiest and unexpected reunion. An erotic story of group sensual games…

Gina stood to the side of the stage and observed the empty theatre. A few minutes ago the place had been full, and the boisterous applause that accompanied the end of the show was a sign that she had written and directed a hit musical. It was early days but there were already talks of a Hollywood adaptation of the play. Critics were going crazy about just how good it was.

Gina left the theatre and walked down the street to the bar where her friends waited for her. There was Ed, Alysa, and Allan. She kissed them all on the cheek and sat down to order a glass of wine. Ed and Alysa were in a relationship, and Gina didn’t miss the way they caressed and kissed each other as they drank.

Allan sat beside Gina opposite Ed and Alysa, and from time to time his hands would Gina’s thighs as he discussed the play.

Once, Allan leaned in to whisper something into Gina’s ear over the loud music, and Gina’s skin prickled when she felt his hot breath on her neck. Gina gasped when Allan’s hand, hidden by the table, raised her skirt and stroked her bare thighs. She glanced over at Ed and Alysa to see if they had noticed what Allan was doing to her, but those two were still kissing and running their hands all over each other. Gina closed her eyes when Allan’s hand climbed higher and found the elastic of her lace panties and pushed the underwear to the side. His finger discovered her clitoris and stroked it and Gina almost choked on her red wine.

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When she tried to recover herself, she found Ed and Alysa looking at her from across the table with a funny smile on their faces.

“You look like you just had the most magical orgasm of your life,” Alysa said, smiling knowingly.

Gina couldn’t respond, not when Allan was slipping two fingers in and out of her wet center with a speed that left her unable to respond to Alysa.

“Get a room,” Ed said jokingly, but Allan withdrew his fingers from Gina and licked it as they all watched.

“I have an idea,” Allan said, smacking his lips as though Gina’s juices tasted like honey. “Why don’t we all get a room to celebrate Gina’s amazing opening night?”

They nearly ran all the way to Gina’s hotel suite, and then they proceeded to strip out of their clothes in record speed. They walked to the bed, Alysa reaching for Gina’s lips and kissing her hungrily. The men followed the women and they all crashed on the bed together.

Gina’s nipples perked up when Alysa ran her hand over one breast while Ed suckled the other breast.

She closed her eyes when she felt Allan’s tongue gliding over her wet, swollen center. Gina also reached for Alysa’s breasts and kneaded gently to reciprocate her touch, drawing a sigh from Alysa.

Ed raised his head from Gina’s nipple and kissed Alysa while his hand rubbed Gina’s nipples. Down below, Gina felt Allan’s hardness pressing against her entrance. She thought she’d die from all that pleasure. Gina felt herself opening up as Allan buried himself in her. His strokes were long and methodical. Gina heard him catch his breath when she massaged his hardness with her tight muscles.

Alysa cried out in pleasure and Gina turned to see that Ed had bent Alysa over and was taking her from behind. The men found their rhythm and stroked the women in unison. Allan’s hardness pulsed inside Gina and wrecked her senses, and just when she thought she was going to climax, she felt Allan pulling out.

“Let’s swap,” Allan suggested.

Ed came over to Gina and lapped up her glistening wetness with his tongue, causing Gina to cry out sharply. Allan sat with his back to the headboard and Alysa straddled him. Gina watched Allan bouncing Alysa’s tight wetness on his hardness while sucking her nipples. It was the most erotic thing she’s ever seen, her friend’s all enjoying each other.

Ed was bigger than Allan, so he stretched Gina when he entered in one smooth stroke. His thrusts were sharp and slick. He was incredibly fast too. Gina clutched the sheets and bit her bottom lip as Ed rode her like all their lives depended on his speed and power.

Soon, their breaths climbed and soared as the men thrust into the woman faster and faster.

When the spasms of ecstasy rocked Gina’s body, she smiled when she heard Alysa’s sharp yell accompanied by Allan’s and then Ed’s.

Gina hadn’t anticipated that the night would end like this, but it was the best celebration ever.


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