A Visual Ode To Self-Love With Millie Moonhouse

An artistic statement to the erotic appeal of self-confidence

An artistic statement to the erotic appeal of self-confidence

Toronto-based artist Millie Moonhouse shares with us powerful words on what makes a woman feel beautiful, what makes a person happy and an optimistic take on where we’re heading. Get a true, inspiring mood-boost by reading her interview!

What was your journey towards erotic art?

I began erotic art full time about 2 years ago. I never had any thoughts about pursuing this until I was let go from a position I loved. I kind of just fell into it by chance, looking for a way to feel better and there it was.

When it comes to erotic art, who are the artists (author, painter, movie maker, singer. Photographer…) you look up to?

I truly admire the work of Milo Manara and Pablo Picasso. Milo in particular, was the first artist whose work ever shocked me. I remember seeing his work for the first time, and I was both appalled and aroused. And I knew that I wanted to do the same thing to people through some means of art. This was before I was an erotic artist, Milo was kinda the first main influence for me.

You have grown a huge number of followers on Instagram. It’s a great platform for artists but a complicated one to navigate when it comes to promoting sex positivity. How do you get by?

At first it was tremendously difficult to get pass all the red tape of social media; meaning the content policies. However, Instagram in particular does not actually prohibit nudity in art (I read the entire terms and conditions contract one day)

They terminated my account on two occasions but upon presenting this information I had found, they restored it promptly.

What do you find the most sensual in a woman?

Confident woman milliemoonhouse

In a woman, the most sensual part of her, is her confidence. And if she has the right amount of confidence, she’ll express that physically, in the way she poses, in the expressions on her face, in the way she’ll move with freedom. And as an artist, an erotic artist especially, that is magic.

Do you think mentalities are changing when it comes to women’s sexuality and the way it is perceived by society? And what can each and every one of us do to make things change?

I personally do think it’s changing. I agree sometimes we have setbacks with minor trends that seem to get more publicity, but I think we’ve definitely come a long way from where we used to be, and I feel that’s something to be celebrated.

One word/One piece of advice/One question/One exclamation to our readers?

Wherever you find happiness, wherever you see beauty, hold on it, regardless of what anybody thinks. Because nobody can make you as happy as you can make yourself. So when you find your bliss, even if it’s unaccepted, never let it go.

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Une Ode Visuelle A L’Amour De Soi Par Millie Moonhouse

Un tribut artistique à la puissance érotique de la confiance en soi.

Un tribut artistique à la puissance érotique de la confiance en soi.

L’artiste torontoise Millie Moonhouse partage avec nous des mots inspirants et puissants sur ce qui fait qu’une femme se sent belle, ce qui rend une personne heureuse et une vision optimiste sur notre époque. Une interview vitaminée et girl power.

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