5 Ways To Get More Pleasure In Bed

Tested and Approved by the Smile Makers Team!

Tested and Approved by the Smile Makers Team!

If you feel like you have not yet unlocked all your potential to pleasure, or if you are getting a bit tired of your routine in the bedroom, this reading is for you! Discover 5 ways to get more pleasure in bed, by yourself or with your partner!

Play with all erogenous zones of your body.

With the right touch and the right mood, our entire bodies can be orgasmic. Gently stroking and touching any part can both get you well on your way to achieving the big O ‘down there’ but it can also result in its own unique experience. About one-third of women have experienced an orgasm by just stimulating the breasts.

Frenchman in the grass - IG pic

Smile Makers’ Frenchman is the perfect mate to help you explore all those other sensitive, erogenous zones, and discover new ways to pleasure


Don’t just be internally focused.

About 80% of women experience an orgasm from external stimulation. This is not obvious given how sex is so often portrayed as focusing on penetration. So spend some time on your clitoral zone. Besides the obvious, it can unlock many doors to pleasure!

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Smile Makers’ Fireman has been specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris while gently massaging the labia for an added ‘wow-effect.’

Go find the G!

One reason orgasms through external stimulation are more common may be because some of us can’t find our G-spot. Finding it together with a partner can be quite stressful, so a vibrator can be a great option for self-exploration.

Tennis coach pic - linhongjia

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Smile Makers’ Tennis Coach is curved to reach the G-spot and stimulate it with ball-shaped, smooth silicone.


Embrace change.

With so many options and so many erogenous zones, we have all the freedom in the world to change things around every ‘happy time’ we allow for ourselves.

Millionaire @ssydneyho

Credit photo: @ssydneyho

With Smile Makers’ Millionaire, you can stimulate all the usual spots AND find some new ones that might be unique to you.


Introduce a friend.

Among many ways to get pleasure in bed, adding some vibrating toys is definitely an option, not only to spice things up with your partner, but also to discover yourself by taking some time for yourself. You won’t be the only one!

More than 8/10 women are using or interested in using a vibrator. More than 9/10 view other women who use vibrators positively, yet many of us are hesitant. Traditionally, this has had a lot to do with the uncomfortable environment in which they have been sold.

5 ways to get more pleasure in bed - add a friend

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The friendliest collection of vibrators – Smile Makers – can now be found at beauty and healthcare store all around the world. That’s right, you no longer need to look over your shoulder walking in and out of the shop where you buy your vibrator. And our light-hearted, discreet packaging will ensure no one in the queue with you raises their eyebrows at you. Check here where to find us! You can also find our gentlemen directly on our e-shop!

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