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A Guide To Finding Female Erotica Online

Sexual Empowerment 3 min read

A Guide To Finding Female Erotica Online

The sensuality of erotica has never been more so available than it is today. In 2020, us vulva owners are owning our sexy imagination and embracing our erotic side to fire up our desire! Exploring fantasies, writing about them, reading sex stories and listening to sweet nothings in our ears – there are plenty of ways to fulfil our fancies and combine our creative minds with sexual pleasure.

A Real Flight of Fantasy

Using our sensual imagination stimulates our emotional want for sex; aka our desire. Erotic content can help awaken the sexual senses and help with arousal. Arousal is the body’s physiological changes, such as vaginal lubrication, erect nipples and engorged clitoris, in reaction to sexual stimuli. Giving our pleasure its full potential through recognising and giving space for our sexual fantasies is a great way to look after our sexual wellbeing from the inside out.

The Top 5 Places To Find Erotica…

Free Audio Erotica Podcast

Over on Smile Makers podcast, Clitastic Chronicles, we will be releasing weekly free audio erotica for your listening (sexual) pleasure. Available on Apple or wherever you get you get your podcasts, mix fantasies about strangers and steamy vibrator sessions with some pleasure-positive broadcasting from sexperts! Tune out from the stresses of daily life and tap into your desires every Thursday! Afterall, 2020 needs a new meaning for Thirsty Thursday.

Subscribe To An Erotic App

Download Dipsea for an erotic library at your fingertips. The app has a wealth of categories for whatever mood you are in, and curates suggestions just like Spotify picks your next favorite listens. We’re big fans of Dipsea’s focus on sexual wellness too, drawing the connection between self-exploration and mindfulness. It’s a must-have self-love subscription in our opinion!

Free Short Sex Stories

Since 2016, Smile Makers has been working with vulva owners to write and publish free erotic stories to read in bed (or the train, gym, coffee shop…take your fantasies with you on the go). Just like some of our vibrators, these sex stories are based upon real fantasies and written by the people that dream them up. From lockdown lust to sexy poems, our free erotica is out in the open on our blog for you to discover!

Watch Feminist Porn

Want something that is easy on the eyes? For some visual stimulation that does good for the world, head to Erika Lust. The erotic film director makes woman-centric porn that is ethically made, and raises money for charities to ensure support for people working in the online adult industry. Her project, XConfessions, is a crowdsourced collection of explicit short films where real fantasy submissions are turned into cinematograhic erotica.

Open For Fantasy Submissions

Talking of crowdsourcing, did you know that at Smile Makers we also collect erotic submissions? Whether you have a fantasy you’d like to be turned into a written or audio piece, or have already penned an erotic story you’d like to share, we want to hear from you!

Imagination is a form of escapism – and we think 2020 could do with a little more of that. Enjoy our erotic picks!

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