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Women's Erotica: The Ultimate Taboo?

Sexual Empowerment 3 min read
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Women’s Erotica: The Ultimate Taboo?

Is there such a thing as women’s erotica?

Historically, pornography is not something that women were thought to enjoy. With males leading the creation and viewing of porn, women who took part in this industry were often given degrading roles.

But some women are no longer content with females being stuck in those cheap roles. As the view of female sexuality changes, so does the relationship that women have with pornography. And it goes beyond admitting to watching porn. In this field too, women are taking charge.

Let’s start by deconstructing some preconceived ideas!

Breaking Down Some Myths

There are a lot of assumptions about the relationship that women have historically had with erotic media. As often, the taboo on sexuality gets thicker when applied to women. Women themselves can feel very embarrassed by the topic itself, and even put off by it. They are not really expected to consume porn. So, admitting to watch it is definitely not an easy thing…

But it’s interesting to see how these stereotypes don’t pass the test of reality.

Myth #1: Only men watch pornography.

Fact: A survey conducted by Marie Claire showed that 31% of women watch porn of every week, 30% watch porn a few times a month, and 10% watch pornography every day!

Myth #2: Women are only actors used for male enjoyment in the pornography industry. Porn is not enjoyable for women to watch.

Fact: Many women are aware of this issue with erotic media. Still, women enjoy a variety of porn just as much as men do.

Myth #3: Women who are married or in a committed relationship are not interested in pornography.

Fact: 51% of women who enjoy porn are in a relationship.

Women Too Explore Sexuality Through Eroticism

So, women do consume erotic media. Still, many women say that they are embarrassed to admit that they watch porn, even if they do enjoy it. Admitting this fact means that women are overcoming many stereotypes about female sexuality.

Their experience is personal. Some are taking this chance to watch porn as a means of exploring and expressing their own sexuality. Indeed, the simple fact is that women who watch porn are mostly watching it alone. Only 12% watch with a partner; and only 17% use porn as a way to learn what their partner may enjoy.

Pornography has become some women’s tool for learning about their own sexuality. They are learning their likes, dislikes, kinks, and more as they become more comfortable with sexuality.

Reinventing Porn With Feminist Erotica

But whether they watch porn or not, women are concerned about how the male-centric porn industry views and treats women. Old-school pornography does not turn them on and it often degrades women. Since there is a demand for women eroticism, why isn’t there an offer that can actually appeal to them?

Actually, there is! Women’s erotica is on the rise – it’s just difficult to find!

Feminist directors of erotic media are aware that pornography gives viewers ideas about the sexual roles that men and women have, as well as what is masculine and what is feminine.

These new style directors are hoping to change the position that women hold in pornography. Rather than women’s bodies being the product, they are aiming to create a visual experience that everyone can enjoy without degrading women’s position in sex.

The goal of these new, sexy films is to show that men and women adore each other, while also treating each other with both respect and pleasure. This mutually beneficial relationship has largely been left unaddressed in mainstream erotic media.

One such project that is taking this notion to heart is XConfessions, created by Erika Lust. This erotica is meant to show more realistic examples of sex for both men and women. XConfession films are based on real confessions about sexual experiences that women have had, and that is what makes it so groundbreaking about it.

The Future Is Female!

For many years, there has been a taboo surrounding the idea that women could be interested in pornography.

This previously male industry is changing as women take control of their representation in it. This is a sign that both women’s and society’s relationship to the idea of female sexuality are changing. Even magazines like Glamour now publish lists of porn sites that women will enjoy!

Taboos about female sexuality are being broken as women empower themselves to enjoy their sex life, their way. Whether that sex life includes porn or not.

And this is why we have been working with female authors, to write women’s erotica for women, based on real women’s fantaisies!

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